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Created by Lora Hanna, LISW, psychotherapist and certified hypnotherapist, these downloads are designed for deep relaxation and personal growth. These exercises can help you to achieve a profound level of relaxation, envision empowering life goals, tap into your inner wisdom and intuition, and create an invigorating flow of energy throughout your body and mind.

Tracks 1-4 feature meditative music by Columbus, Ohio musician, John Bolzenius:

1. Color Breathing (12:59 minutes). Breathe in the color of your choice and feel this color calming and refreshing you.

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Color Breathing

2. Earth and Sky (18:10 minutes). Feel your connection to nature as the energy of the earth and sky flows throughout your body, relaxing and energizing you.

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Earth and Sky

3. Sanctuary / Inner Guide (19:20 minutes). In your own personal sanctuary you will communicate with your inner guide, tapping into your own wisdom and insight.

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Sanctuary Inner Guide

4. Envision Your Future (22:29 minutes). Create empowering goals in all areas of your life.

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Envision Your Future

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              Imagery for Relaxation Relaxation and Personal Growth

5. Basic Hypnosis for Relaxation (67:10 minutes). Lora will guide you on a relaxing journey to your safe place where you will have 90 seconds for deep relaxation or for any inner work you choose to do. After 17 minutes of guided hypnosis, you can continue your relaxation with another 50 minutes of soothing music by mach1audio.

$8.99listen to a sample
Basic Hypnosis for Relaxation
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